All the motivation you need to exercise Advertisement

All the motivation you need to exercise

And continue doing it everyday

We’ve lost count of the days when we’ve woken up early for a run and never made it past the door. Making it through a disciplined exercise regimen every day is no easy feat, which means you’ve got to work hard to stay motivated. Here’s how you can prove the haters wrong.  

Get a fitness buddy
Several studies have proven that having a workout partner can double your performance and increase your motivation. A research from the Michigan State University found out that people paired with superior exercise partners could hold a plank longer than those doing it alone. Find a friend or co-worker to join you daily workout. You can even ask your trainer to introduce you to someone who matches your skill

Turn your phone into your coach
Is your gym buddy unreliable? Sign up for Pact. This app makes you bet money on your fitness resolution. If you skip the gym or cheat on your diet, be prepared to pay up. You can also try Charity Miles that donates money to a charity for every time you run, cycle or hike or Fitocracy, a social network that helps monitor fitness and nutrition with expert coaches. 

Do it badly, but do it
Don’t wait till you’re perfect to take on a challenge. Laugh if you’re the most awkward person at your Zumba class, have fun doing it and then see yourself change. It also helps to set up smaller (read: more achievable targets). So instead of aiming for washboard abs, aim for adding another rep of crunches.  

Treat yourself
Sweeten the deal and award yourself every time you cross a goal. Practiced yoga for five days straight? Treat yourself to a spa day. Touched the 5k mark on your daily run? Call in sick at work. Positive reinforcement will help you take your workout to the next level.