#ELLEFirstLook: Luxury Hospitality Chain Aman Diversifies Into Fashion With A New Effortless Collection

Luxury fashion brands foraying into beauty. Renowned music sensations are partnering with fast-food chains. Unanticipated collaborations are taking the world by storm. The 21st century has been filled with many ‘firsts’. And as businesses venture into lesser-known realms, the consequence has been anything but dull. One such instance that caught our eye is Aman Resorts’ new fashion line. Coveted the world over for building opulent sanctuaries in unprecedented settings, the renowned hotel chain has also been a purveyor of sophisticated fragrances and scented candles.

Now clean lines, subtle prints and no-fuss tailoring come together and weave themselves into Aman’s first-ever new fashion line called The Essentials.


Expanding beyond its parameters, the colour palette of the collection is reminiscent of the famed Aman locations. Think warm terracotta capturing the vibrancy of Amanjena, Morocco; sea blue and deep green celebrating the azure seas and olive groves of Amanzoe, Greece and warm yellow celebrating the desert landscapes of Amangiri, USA.


Freedom of movement has been a key consideration in the collection to ensure wearability and the ultimate lounging experience. Whether you’re seeking a silhouette for an alfresco dinner, a quick trip to the spa, morning yoga or perhaps high-altitude training—The Essentials stays true to its name.


From activewear, loungewear, knitwear, swimwear, resort wear to soft accessories—each piece of the collection features bi-colour panelling, heat-sealed raw edges, zip-pockets, sun and chlorine resistance. Offering a figure-hugging fit, except silhouettes that are versatile and seamlessly blend with other elements from the collection. The delicate fabrics sourced from Italy and exceptional craftmanship amalgamate to create a fashion line that runs high on quality.


Men and women’s knitwear and loungewear crafted in Japanese cotton and Italian cashmere, elegant silk shirt dresses and blouses, wrap dresses, palazzo trousers, polo shirts, linen pants, and monogrammed matching sets offer relaxed fits for balmy evenings and laid-back days. Another piece that’s central to The Essentials is the Amanpuri Heritage Blanket, which pays homage to Aman’s flagship resort in Phuket.

Keeping in tune with the current environmental concerns, a focus on sustainability has inspired the timelessness of each piece. Speaking on the development process, Kristina Romanova, Director of Product Development at Aman, shared, “There has been a lot of contention around seasonal trends across the fashion industry, with designers no longer sticking to the traditional calendar and putting timeless pieces in their collections instead. We wanted The Essentials to be made up of pieces that guests could wear for years to come at any Aman property.”

The collection is available now to purchase exclusively at selected Aman hotels and resort boutiques. 

Photographs: Courtesy of Aman Resorts

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