Amanbagh, Rajasthan should be your next detox destination Advertisement

Amanbagh, Rajasthan should be your next detox destination

Reset your body and soul with their new wellness immersions

By Aishwarya Subramanyam  February 10th, 2017

I’ve always loved the Aman resorts for their exceptional hospitality and luxury, so a trip to Amanbagh in Alwar, Rajasthan, in the middle of a particularly intense work week, was a total hallelujah. It’s the first hotel from the chain to introduce tailor-made wellness programmes, and its location, in the lap of the towering Aravali hills, is something close to perfection. Go this winter and give yourself the gift of living well.

Amanbagh offers three unique wellness immersions—all based on Ayurveda—that stretch anywhere from four to 21 days and are personalised to your needs. The Ayur programme is a sweeping introduction to Ayurveda, and equips you with a dosha-specific nutritional plan. Need to up your immunity? Pick the toxin-busting Purify Immersion to get the city out of your skin. We also love the sound of the Rejuvenate Immersion, which promises to improve memory and boost physical endurance.

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I had a taste of Ayur, which started with a pulse reading and consultation with the in-house Ayurvedic doctor. He determined that my dosha is pitta, a combination of fire and water elements, and  is definitely unbalanced (tell me about it). The Ayurvedic programmes here are rooted in medicine, and can be as intense as you think you can handle— I decided to go a gentler route.

A diet was recommended, as well as daily Abhyanga massages performed in wonderful tandem by two therapists, whose rhythmic dance of hands did a lot to calm my perpetually frazzled nerves. The spa is a relaxing, luxurious place, and a dip in the pool afterwards is practically inevitable. Daily yoga classes help too, and if you like, you can ask for a special early-morning class by the temples of the nearby ruins of Bhangarh. Your downward-facing dog will never be as magnificent.

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You must visit Bhangarh, and be spooked by tales of evil spirits that haunt the ancient remains of the village.  Walk all the way up the fort and hang out with the langurs, take in the views and look up at the black-magic cottage high on the hills, where a shaman used to live hundreds of years ago.

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Amanbagh is lovely, and leaving it to venture outside might be difficult to do, especially if you’re staying in one of the villas with a private pool, as I was. Take the time out and go for a week-long immersion, if only until your next burnout.

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