As Amazon Alexa Celebrates 3 Years In India, Here’s Looking Back At How Indians Have Interacted With It

Whether it’s a soul tune to give into for that unwinding session, catching up on some news that made headlines for the day or merely indulging in laughter with a few solid knock knock jokes, Alexa has been a BFF of sorts for Indians in solitude and gatherings alike.

Giving a break to the usual devices with a tech-savvy manual, Alexa-powered Echo smart speakers come packed with nothing but quirkiness. And what’s not to love about it?! Alexa is up-to-date and is in tandem with literally every pop culture reference. From her take on Indian soaps to giving out sassy responses to Indians confessing “I love you” to her, Alexa has transcended into being an integral part of life for many (especially in 2020).


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As #AlexaTurns3 in India, the dependency and love for it remains strong like ever. Need a reliable assistant who can help keep track of activities with alarms, reminders, lists, bill payments and more? Count on Alexa. Looking for a companion to have fun with while learning? Alexa has got your back. And here’s the best part: Alexa runs high on versatility. Whether it’s playing the iconic Baby Shark tune for your kid or reciting soulful bhajans, she has it all. And that’s exactly what has made this 3-year-old creation a cult favourite.

Going by stats, people across the country have expressed their love around 19,000 times a day by saying ‘’Alexa, I love you’’ and asking ‘’Alexa, marry me’’ around 6,000 times a day. Confessions aside, Alexa started serving Urdu love shayari and the works of popular poets like Mirza Ghalib. The poetry got a lot of love, with people asking for such content at least 3,000 times a day! What’s more? Alexa can tickle your funny bone too! She made people laugh close to 9,000 times every day by cracking a joke. She also makes for a good laugh-along buddy. Proof? People asked Alexa to laugh along around 12,000 times every day. And that’s not it. It gets even better. In case you’re wondering how a Llama sounds then well….you can simply ask Alexa. In 2020, Alexa answered over 43,000 animal sounds requests via the World Planet Skill every day.


Currently, the Amazon Alexa assistant is available in Amazon Echo smart speakers, Amazon Echo smart displays and also in a wide range of other gadgets (fitness trackers, smart TVs and laptops). And here’s what makes this assistant even more indispensable: Alexa is integrated in more than 100 devices on sale in India. Now, there’s only one thing left to do—get your BFF if you haven’t already.

And before you make your purchase, hear us out. To celebrate the occasion, Amazon will be rolling out special offers for anyone who wants to buy a new Alexa device or smart home bundles. This limited time sale starts on the midnight of February 15 and will be Live for 24 hours on

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