Amelia Bandish firmly believes body confidence comes with the right lingerie

Every time Amelia Bandlish’s mother made a trip from their home in the UK to India, she would fill her suitcase with over 20 bras. For some reason, all their relatives had requested for the same bra size too, 36B. After being sent on several befuddling trips to Marks & Spencer by her mother, Bandlish had her bingo moment 15 years ago. “I knew what I had to do,” says Bandlish who was soon moving to India with her family. “Back then there was very little information or access on the right lingerie fit and I was going to help women find it.” Coupled with her background in merchandising, Bandlish is an expert bra fitter who also helps women find their perfect size match from her exhaustive catalogue of international brands. 

ELLE: What’s your advice to get a good fit? 

Amelia Bandlish: You should get no more than two fingers under your band. If you can, then go down a band size—try the same test to adjust your straps as well. Once you’ve adjusted your current bra according to this, look in the mirror: is your band sitting in the right position? If it’s riding up your back, it’s too big. Also, notice how your cups are sitting; if the centre in the front is protruding away from the sternum, your cup size is too small. If you’re unsure, experiment with different sizes, for example, if you reduce the band size you need to go up a cup size as well. You can also lookup fitting videos on my website ( 

ELLE: What are the common misconceptions you tackle? 

AB: Do not let cup size intimidate you. In my experience, most women are in denial of being a D cup. They think it’s huge, but look up lingerie catalogues for brands like Freya and Fantasie, you’ll see the models wearing 30FF and they don’t look very large. The right fit improves posture, relieves shoulder pain and gives you the freedom to dress as you like. 

ELLE: What are the basics that every woman must have in her closet? 

AB: Each woman needs a minimum of three bras. This will vary based on what kind of clothes you wear, for example, many women prefer a slightly padded t-shirt bra, but it won’t work for every outfit. You need a tailored bra (with seams) under a tailored outfit, like a kurta—this pattern provides the best support. If you play sports, get a sports bra in cup size and not one that comes in sizes like small, medium, large. Your ligaments are going to stretch over time anyway, why accelerate this process with the wrong fit? 

For appointments, contact: Amelia at 9810318777.

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