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India Couture Week 2018: We want everything from Amit Aggarwal’s spectacular show

Beauty born from technological innovation

By Rochelle Pinto  July 30th, 2018

Amit Aggarwal successfully pulled off the first real couture show of this edition of the India Couture Week 2018. In a country where the terms bridal and couture are often used interchangeably — and where the craftsman’s back-breaking dedication to his vocation often shines brighter than the designer’s ability to innovate and reinvent — this collection delivered on its promise of beauty born from technological innovation, a superior sense of construction and attention to detail. 


Called Crystalis, the collection derived its essence from the molecular patterns that form natural crystals and the chrysalis that allows caterpillars to morphe into butterflies. It’s a subtle but direct suggestion: slip into one of Agarwal’s breathtakingly beautiful creations and find yourself transformed, reflecting light and embodying strength. 

Do you know any woman who would turn that down?

Amit Aggarwal’s couture 2018 collection: