Amit Aggarwal shares his top 5 movies that inspire him Advertisement

From rom-coms to anime, these are the 5 movies on Amit Aggarwal’s comfort-watch list

We love the mix of genres

By ELLE Team  August 11th, 2020

Sculptural shapes, modern hand techniques and ingenious application of materials are just a few things that bring Amit Aggarwal’s creative vision to life. His designs are futuristic and his aesthetic is timeless. Based in Delhi, today, Amit Aggarwal is a name to reckon with in fashion and particularly, couture.

Apart from combining fantastical with the mundane in his designs, Aggarwal has quite a selection of movies that he loves to binge-watch in leisure. Here are 5 movies he re-watches to seek some inspiration and to unwind.


If you love documentaries that examine the cause and effect of mankind on the environment, then this French documentary is for you. “Oceans is a spectacular movie by Jacques Cluzard and Jacques Perrin’s about the underwater world. Whenever I have to admire and be inspired by nature’s incredible design, I go back to watching this movie,” says Aggarwal.

Spirited Away

Anime on repeat through the weekend? Queue up this movie next. “Studio Ghibli’s fantastical story of supernatural beings gives me solace when I crave simplicity and the joy of purity,” shares the designer.

The Fountain

Who doesn’t love a sappy romantic drama with a big bowl of popcorn? Here’s a recommendation in case you’re re-watching Sleepless In Seattle. “Darren Aronofsky’s, The Fountain makes me want to time travel and fall in love over and over again with the same person,” he says.


“Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wig, Maya Rudolf setting their lives aside, come together for their best friend’s wedding to fulfil maid of honour duties in a rage of conflict. It’s my go-to movie whenever I am depressed and want to sleep with a smile on my face,” shares Aggarwal and we couldn’t agree more with the latter.


In this sci-fi horror movie, a biologist joins a mission to uncover what happened to her husband inside Area X, a mysterious phenomenon across the American coastline. Aggarwal says, “ When the future calls knocking on my doorstep, I revisit the visually stimulating metaphysical world within the shimmer.”