Amyra Dastur relies on this beauty hack to prevent acne and hairfall

Actors look nothing less than perfect when you see them in a movie. But having a ton of make-up on your face and putting your hair through various styling products can leave behind damage. Amyra Dastur knows this all too well. That’s why, when it comes to taking care of herself, the Issaq star relies on her trustworthy beauty regimen. 

Here’s what she recommends for flawless skin and hair:

Ditch dairy: “I randomly started getting acne and realised dairy products were causing it. Cutting out milk from my diet really helped, and in fact, after a certain age, you’re not supposed to drink another animal’s milk. It lessens bloating too,” she says.

Eat pomegranates: To prevent acne and pimples, Dastur swears by the fruit, particularly three days before her period. “It also helps your skin to glow,” she says.

Ice your face: “A lot of international supermodels follow this routine. Fill up a basin-sized bowl with ice and ice water and dunk your face in it. Hold it there for five seconds or however long you can manage before coming back up for air. Do this for 2 minutes,” she says. Dastur does this twice a week, before applying make-up or before a big event for clear skin.

Amyra Dastur 2

Avoid facials: Dastur is a not a fan of applying lots of products on her face. “I also make sure my toner is alcohol-free and that my make-up remover is alcohol-free. Go in for a water-based foundation,” she says. Rather than replying on cosmetics, she believes in eating right. A clean diet will make sure your skin is smooth, according to her. “Eat your fruits and drink your veggies. If you juice a fruit, you’re taking in a lot of sugar. If you juice a vegetable, it’s easier to digest it and also gets absorbed in your blood faster,” she says.

Oil your hair: The actor relies on a good old session of oiling your tresses to make sure they’re strong and shiny. “I’m scared of all the damage the harsh lights on set can do to my hair. So, once a week, I apply a combination of pure organic castor oil and coconut oil. Once a week, I also apply aloe vera gel with castor oil in it,” she says.

Keep it natural: Forget global brands, Dastur falls back on local, organic shampoos which contain natural ingredients.

Don’t wash hair every alternate day: “This causes hairfall. Unless your hair are dirty or oily, wash your hair every three to four days.” 

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