An Instagram account will turn into a vegan café Advertisement

An Instagram account will turn into a vegan café

For now, you can get some of the good stuff delivered to your doorstep

By ELLE team  July 21st, 2015

You know that time you saw a beautifully set meal on Instagram, double-tapped it wistfully, and hoped you could get a slice of that goodness? Yeah. We’ve all been there.

Mumbai-based Marissa Bronfman is responsible for one such Instagram feed. You’ll invariably find healthy breakfasts, pretty bowls of salads and smoothies on it. 

Fortunately, she found a way to share, by creating Bowl Bar – a café that will be devoted to all things vegan. The brick-and-mortar version is expected to launch later this year, but for now you can place an order on any of their social media pages and they will deliver to your doorstep.

“It was long overdue,” says Bronfman. “It started with an Instagram account. I was making smoothie bowls instead of smoothies-on-the-go.” Soon, she was inundated with recipe requests for anything she made with superfoods like chia seeds or bee pollen, which she used to bring back from her hometown in Canada.

For now, you can get three things delivered to you: Bliss Balls, almond milk and chia seed pudding. The Bliss Balls get definitely get our vote, here’s why: “When I cut out dairy products, I started making almond milk at home. I was left with almond meal that I mixed with other ingredients to make Bliss Balls,” says Bronfman. It’s naturally sweet, full of protein, healthy fats, and even makes for a great snack before your workout. The chia seed pudding will incorporate seasonal flavours, for instance, you’ll find versions with pomegranate seeds or strawberries at the moment.

The delivery process? Easier than ever! No matter where you find them – on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – leave a comment on what you’d like and they’ll write back to you. Sweet.

Prices are between Rs 200 and Rs 600 approx