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Ace designer Anamika Khanna on the movies that have stayed with her through the years

She's biased towards classic and cult movies

By Subhanjana Das  June 23rd, 2020

An Indian fashion stalwart, a visionary creative, and one of Bollywood’s favourite designers, Anamika Khanna’s name is synonymous with a lot of things. A few of them being her reinterpretation of Indian craft for the contemporary woman, lending revolutionary silhouettes to saris, and breaking the internet with her Cannes looks for muse Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. We asked the designer about the movies that continue to inspire her. Here’s what she said:

Life is Beautiful

The sheer resilience and optimism Roberto Benigni displays in the movie struck me and stayed with me as a big lesson for my life. There is a solution to everything, you just have to be creative.


Gone with the Wind

The romance of Scarlett O’Hara draping a moss green hoop skirted dress to visit Rhett Butler in jail! This scene from the book as well as the movie has stayed with me so distinctly, and a realisation that a beautiful anything, needs imagination and can be without limitations or boundaries.


Cast Away

A line from this movie stayed with me for months. It goes like this, “I’ve got to keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?”


Funny Face

The scene where Audrey Hepburn is in an ethereal bridal gown, that moment of extreme love and beauty that sometimes stops your heart.



The genius of James Cameron, his vision, the idea of giving life to just an imagination with this intensity, the use of technology in its most creative form, the cinematography, the portrayal of the characters, the costume, all of it just leaves me to bow down to the genius and stay inspired to push myself to the helm.