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Anand Ahuja just changed his name on Instagram

Anand Ahuja levels the playing field

By ELLE team  May 17th, 2018

In a Bollywood first, Anand Ahuja has changed his name on Instagram, we assume as a sign of equality towards his new wife. Sonam Kapoor who changed her Instagarm name to Sonam K Ahuja the day after her wedding has always been outspoken about her feminist views. And to be honest, we’re fans.

Anand Ahuja has also showcased his feminist side a few times during the course of their relationship and has always been in awe of the powerhouse he now calls his wife. Changing his name on Instagram may seem like a little thing, but adding Sonam’s initial to his name speaks volumes. It’s a sign of mutual respect and admiration.

Too long has the norm been that women sacrifice their names to adopt their husbands’, Anand’s gesture neutralizes the playing field. It’s says, “we’re in this together, two halves of a whole but also whole on our own.” More power to the power couple.

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