Why you need to get someone who looks at you the way Anand Ahuja looks at Sonam Kapoor

Anand Ahuja’s an outspoken feminist. He’s added his wife’s first name to his own. He’s setting up base in her city. Need we say more? Sonam Kapoor’s husband has proven — and continues to prove — his unconditional support and devotion to his new wife, who reciprocates his affection. And at the premiere of Veere Di Wedding, the couple’s body language gave it all away. Amidst fits of giggles, intense eye contact and handholding, we spotted 8 signs that openly conveyed Anand’s feelings for Sonam.

If you’re single, consider this a guide listing all the qualities your future man must have (and it’s non-negotiable).

8 reasons why you need to get an Anand Ahuja in your life:

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Have you seen all the pictures from Sonam and Anand’s wedding?

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