Embark on a global tasting tour at this inventive Delhi restaurant

For the compulsive traveller (but one with an actual day job), Andrea’s Eatery serves as a culinary travelogue, of sorts. The restaurant, launched by Andrea Pauro of Amici, serves trend-setting experiences from around the world, without you ever having to leave city limits.

Health-conscious hipsters can indulge their green fetish with the Organic Lima lime Quinoa Salad and the Andrea’s House Salad, high in flavour and higher on nutrition. Head far east via a bite of their Chicken Krapaw and Lamb Massaman Curry from Thailand, followed up with fiery hints of the Steamed Asian Sole of Laos accompanied with their signature staple Jasmine rice.

Andreas House Salad

Andrea’s refreshingly summery house salad 

Head chef Mohit Jaggi will then transport your taste buds from Europe to the Middle East, deftly serving up a traditional Margherita (or the fusion Butter Chicken pizza, if you’re not a purist) alongside a mouth-watering Zaatar Roast Chicken.

By the end of the meal, our stomachs were satiated, but our appetites were only clamouring for more. 

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