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Angelica Hicks’s punny take on fashion

Meet the illustrator making the funniest fashion commentary on Instagram

By Deepa Menon  October 1st, 2015

Angelica Hicks wants to show the world that fashion is not a goddess you have to tiptoe around; she’s a friend you can laugh with—and at. Through her Instagram account, the British illustrator shares sketches that pun shamelessly with all the holy-cow brands in fashion. You’d have to be really humourless to take offense because these cartoons are adorable.

Hicks’s Instagram caught the eye of Tory Burch and she’ll be designing invites for their shows this fall. In an interview for the brand’s website, she describes her art as: “Sartorial satire. I play around with words and illustration in order to engage (somewhat) intellectually with my audience.”

We love her for the somewhat.

Flip through for a sample of Angelica Hicks’s hilarity. Find more here