Anita Dongre’s emotional love letter for her sisters will move you

Anita Dongre pens a love letter to her two sisters: 

“To my sisters, Meena and Priyanka,

I have often wondered how women go through life without a sister. I am truly blessed to have not one, but two angels in mine.

Meena, we started the business 32 years ago. Even though you’re my baby sister, your love has always inspired me. My entire design process works best with you, because like me, you too are a fashion designer. I’m convinced that’s the reason we balance each other professionally so beautifully.

Priyanka, you take care of not just your two sisters, but the entire family. My day isn’t complete without speaking to you and Meena several times. The two of you literally rule my life. It takes the both of you to balance the crazy impulsive person I am. You are my anchors and I truly cannot imagine life without you.

Thank you for believing in me, and supporting my dreams. It has given me the strength I never I had.

Love always,


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