Kareena Kapoor Khan's trainer Anshuka Parwani takes us through her intense workout Advertisement

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s trainer Anshuka Parwani takes us through her intense workout

Anshuka Parwani will turn your world upside down

By Mamta Mody  March 27th, 2018

Ever since Kareena Kapoor Khan walked the runway for Manish Malhotra at his recent Singapore show, our interest in her fitness routine has increased three fold. We decided to visit her go-to FlyFit instructor, Anshuka Parwani to understand how we can get closer to our own fitness goals. Founder of Anshuka Yoga, Parwani combines the best of aerial yoga, aerial Pilates and aerial fitness into one power-packed hour for a full-body workout. She agreed to give us a quick primer and we agreed to not throw up during an inversion.

When you sign up for a session with Parwani, you get a hardcore workout. Striking a yoga pose or doing planks while suspended in a silk hammock isn’t easy. “This method makes your body, especially your core work harder towards stabilizing the body. And like any great workout, your body will be sore next day.” The bright pink hammocks in her studio are intimidating, but Parwani had us master an inversion at first attempt. At her class, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never practiced yoga or Pilates, she explains, “The hammock works with you to stretch and lengthen your body, and improve your flexibility. It increases awareness levels and muscle strength, and completely de-stresses you.”

The benefits of these FlyFit sessions go beyond the aesthetic appeal of toned abs and a sculpted bum. They improve muscular flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, cardiovascular conditioning and realign the spine. It also increases the capacity of the digestive and circulatory systems in your body. “Combined with a high-impact cardio workout for 20 minutes, atleast thrice a week will keep you healthy and will improve your strength levels,” she advises.

The high point of any session with Parwani has to be the final resting pose at the end of class, the floating savasana. “The hammock cocoons your body, making you feel warm and protected­, like a womb, and it’s very therapeutic after an intense workout.” Maybe we’ll sign up for a weekly session of floating savasana before we start working on those abs.

12 group sessions with Anshuka will set you back by Rs 8,000. For more information, contact her here.