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The one important thing you should look for in anti ageing creams

Introducing the skincare aisle’s power player...

By ELLE team  December 9th, 2016

Picking the right anti-ageing skincare routine is tricky, especially when it comes to making sense of all that scientific jargon on jars of face creams. Instead of struggling with  peptides and hyaluronic acid, look out for the no-brainer — ceramides. Whether you need an instant glow or a fix for itchy, red skin ceramides are the answer.

What does it really do?

By holding skin cells in place, ceramides help create a water-tight layer that traps moisture. This layer also acts like a protective barrier, saving your face from allergens and pollution. In the deeper layers of skin, ceramides create a communication path, signalling cell renewal to make sure that dead cells don’t stick around for too long.

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are the natural waxy substance that’s present in every skin cell’s layer and also in the spaces between skin cells. They form 40 per cent of this layer and combine with a concentration of cholesterol (the good kind) and free fatty acids to form a tightly packed sheet of skin cells — kind of how cement and bricks make a wall, for example.

So it’s important, right?

With age and sun damage your natural ceramide level dips. Imagine the sheet of cells becoming wobbly, which on the surface results in skin ageing. Loss of ceramides also weakens the protective barrier, making skin prone to dryness and damage. The cell renewal process also slows down, making those glow-zapping dead skin cells stay on your face for longer.