The best anti-ageing skincare for your 40s

In your 40s, the appearance of ageing is more pronounced as skin experiences a breakdown of cells and loses the ability to build collagen. Besides the inevitable wrinkles, large pores and loss of evenness in texture, Indian skin types especially are prone to pigmentation because of constant sun exposure. While you should continue following a CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturising) routine with sun protection, it’s time to add in dedicated anti-wrinkle creams.

Use products with collagen to give back skin the elasticity and resilience it’s lost. Minerals like magnesium and calcium help reverse any damage to the stratum corneum’s barrier function and prevent the evaporation of moisture from the skin. Advanced chemical peels and certain lasers can help with hyper-pigmentation.

We’ve sorted out our top picks in the gallery (above) for the products that you need in your beauty arsenal.

water skincare

If you don’t have time for a weekly massage (which is ideal), rub coconut oil all over your body just before you jump into the shower. The oil acts as a barrier, preventing soap and water from stripping the skin of all its moisture. Plus, the massage strokes increase circulation, making the skin glow.

ageing skin surgery

You can pick from non-surgical skin tightening treatments like Thermage, which works on the principle of radio frequency, or Ulthera, which uses ultrasound waves to strengthen existing collagen and jumpstart the production of new collagen. Considered experimenting with Botox but dreading the frozen forehead look? Try ‘Baby Botox’. Dr Lohia explains, “Instead of full doses, we use micro doses to smoothen lines. You’ll look just like you, but with no wrinkles.”

Pro tip

The lighter your skin, the quicker it ages. Melanin (the pigment that gives the skin its colour) protects it from the sun’s UV rays that cause premature ageing.

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