India's newest designer hotel is fairy tale perfection Advertisement

India’s newest designer hotel is fairy tale perfection

Anupama Dayal's Mangar Valley retreat is a treat to the senses

By Rochelle Pinto  March 17th, 2017

Parakeet green walls clash vibrantly with rani pink bedspreads and canary yellow drapes, mimicking the kaleidoscope of Mangar Valley. Stepping into Anupama Dayal’s spanking new retreat in the forests of Faridabad is a little like falling down Alice’s rabbit hole.

The designer announced the opening of the by-invitation-only Anupamaa Mangar homestay at the beginning of her Fall/Winter 2017 presentation in Delhi. “This forest is very special, one of the last few places where you see rare birds and flowers, nilgai jumping around in your backyard… it was nothing short of a miracle that I managed to get this land,” Dayal says, recounting how she had to spend time convincing everyone from the courts to the villagers themselves to sell her the land.

In an attempt to “bring the outdoors, indoors”, the designer ensured that there were plenty of open spaces “for sunning or quietly reading a book.” Creature comforts border on basic – there is no television and Dayal has no plans to add any – but if a location like this doesn’t encourage you to disconnect and enjoy the simpler pleasures in life, nothing will.

Take a quick look at Anupamaa Mangar homestay

Room rates starts at Rs 7,800 for two with all meals included. Email for bookings.