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This is Anushka Sharma’s go-to beauty look

It's the simplest ever

By Shweta Gandhi  September 21st, 2017

Anushka Sharma never fails to surprise us. Whether she’s playing the role of a bubby, girl-next-door on the silver screen or slaying our August cover with her I-Mean-Business approach, the star’s versatility is evident in how passionately she does what she does. Her zest for life is contagious. Now, the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil star is the brand ambassador of Polaroid, which fits in perfectly with her dream of always wanting to wear spectacles as a school girl, even though her eyesight was a perfect 6/6. We caught up with the star in a quick tête-à-tête where she reveals her go-to beauty look, her favourite travel destination and more.

Your go-to beauty look?

“Mascara. And a lipstick.”

One fashion trend you can’t get enough of?

“Flats and sneakers — they’re my personal style. For me, fashion means comfort, and when this trend came into being, I was very happy.”

5 things you don’t leave home without

“Phone, wallet, sunglasses, lip balm, house keys.”

Favourite travel destination?

“South Africa, because I love animals. There are a lot of game parks to visit, and the best time to go there is when it’s summer.”

One tip to balance work and personal life?

“The key is to be aware of what you’re doing. When I’m working, I’m not thinking about anything else. And when I’m home, I’m not thinking about work. Leave it outside when you enter home.”

What do you love most about Polaroid’s AW collection?

“This collection has a lot of different styles and shapes of sunglasses and eyewear that have a universal appeal.”

How does this collection fit in with your personal style?

“For me, wearing sunglasses is a very effective and practical way of styling yourself. Accessorising is very important to me — and I’m not someone who over accessorises. Currently I’m into the John Lennon inspired round frames — the bigger, the better. Wayfarers are really cool when you’re travelling. Reflectors are a favourite too. I pick sunglasses depending on what I’m wearing.”