Anushka Sharma had to fight to have her opinions respected by Bollywood

If you’ve read Anushka Sharma’s interviews, watched her movies and followed her online, you probably know that she’s no wilting willow. If anybody expects Anushka to be content with sitting in a corner batting her dainty eyelashes while the big boys make all the decisions, they might as well leave the room right now. 

We’re talking about the same actress who turned down a role in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha because she felt the female character (eventually played by Deepika Padukone) was just an accessory to the male lead. But like any other woman at the top of her field, Anushka had to fight to have her opinions heard. In her cover interview with ELLE, she said, “It’s like being in a room where the adults are talking. And if you speak your mind, everybody turns to look at you in surprise.”

Luckily, her liberal upbringing helps her stand her ground. “I’ve not had this where I come from. Nobody in my house has ever looked surprised when I voiced a thought. We were encouraged to reason and form our own opinions and to fight for what we believed was right.”

Nobody puts Anushka in a corner.   

Anushka Sharma turns muse for Sabyasachi:

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