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Anushka Sharma: “My love for animals made me turn vegetarian”

The actress has stopped consuming dairy products, too

By Shweta Gandhi  September 21st, 2017

Every day, we have a choice to make about the type of food we’re putting in our body. However, the crux of the matter is whether those choices are conscious or unconscious. Once you bring awareness to your eating habits and notice the foods you’re ingesting, your entire experience of eating will transform. Or at least that’s what actress Anuskha Sharma tells us.

The Jab Harry Met Sejal star began her life-changing journey three years ago when she decided to ban all animal products from her diet — including dairy foods. “It was difficult for me to turn vegetarian, but it was a conscious choice I made,” she reveals. “My love for animals and spiritual reasons brought on this lifestyle change,” adds the actress, who is known to support animal rights. 

“Eating healthy is a choice you have to constantly make at every meal. It’s important for you to decide what works for you. Then, stick to it. Strong will power will get you through,” Anushka says. The actress, who follows a gluten-free diet, is almost vegan, and though her shoots abroad make it challenging for her to find food that she can eat, she doesn’t let that come in her way. “I’ve noticed that since I’ve switched to vegetarianism, I don‘t fall sick as often. Also, I’ve become more conscious about the environment. I want to set the right kind of example as a human being,” she says.

Anushka also follows a strict fitness regime that works in tandem with her healthy eating choices. “I work out 4-5 days a week, doing functional training and power lifting, which I’ve recently introduced into my routine. I can even do deadlifts and snatch lifts with a weight of 45 kgs,” she says proudly. 

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