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Anushka Sharma on what keeps her relationship with Virat Kohli so real

"We don’t see each other as two different people"

By ELLE team  September 20th, 2018

If you ask us, there are lots of reasons why Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are perfect for each other. They’re both killing it in their respective careers, wear their fame lightly, and of course, look gorgeous together.

The power couple leads mostly personal lives, rarely opening up about their relationship. “We try to create a proper work-life balance. Both of us really love doing what we do professionally… But at the same time, we try and find time to do something together. We don’t take our professions or our career too seriously… We don’t draw our identity only from that. We are very simple and like doing normal things,” Anushka had previously said.

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Just being able to walk around feels like the most joyous thing in the world.

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Now, Anushka has revealed what she likes the most about her husband. Appearing with her Sui Dhaaga co-star Varun Dhawan on film critic Anupama Chopra’s chat show, she said, “We are both very awkward with the fame that we have, we don’t embrace stardom and fame and that’s why, I think, we connect so much. We run away, sometimes, from these things. Sometimes, we find a need to be in our own cocoon. And that’s the reason why we are so self-sufficient.”

The actor also added: “And when I say self, I mean both of us because we don’t see each other as two different people. He and me are male and female versions of each other.”

Oh, and she also shyly declared that she’s married to the greatest man in the world. Here’s why we agree.

7 times Virat proved he’s the modern day husband every woman deserves:

5. He makes sure the world knows he's on her side, no matter what.

The most retweeted post of 2016 was Virat Kohli's defence of his lady love, when trolls blamed her for his inconsistent performance on the cricket field. "Shame on people for trolling non-stop. Have some compassion. She has always only given me positivity." But this wasn't the first time that Virat let the world know that he derives strength from Anushka and there's no way he's going to let anybody take potshots at her. 



2. He makes sure they share the same interests

Anushka is a self-confessed dog lover, and the multiple pictures on her Instagram are enough proof to substantiate that. Meanwhile, Virat's devoted to his pet dog Bruno. Having similar interests as your partner helps develop a stronger bond.

3. He wears her ring around his neck

Ladies, if you're looking for a sign, this is it — if your man chooses to wear your ring around his neck, he wants you to know that his heart belongs to you. Forevz.

7. He takes out time for her, no matter what

After their wedding in December, Virat had to travel to South Africa for to prepare for his upcoming series. And instead of leaving his wife alone in Mumbai, he took her along with him and made work into a fun trip. We saw pictures of the two travelling, shopping and enjoying the scenic views of Cape Town. Need we say more?

4. If you're twinning, you're winning

Are you even a power couple if you don't share a great (matching) sense of style? Virat and Anushka are clearly rubbing off on each other — and in the best way possible. Notice how the couple is complementing each other's athleisure style. Matching sneakers, check. Matching backpacks, check. Matching sunglasses, check. Relationship goals, check.

1. He celebrates her, every day

23 million followers and counting, and Virat's not a tad bit shy to express his deep feelings for his lady love. Scroll through his Instagram, and you will find a pattern — Anushka, cricket and staying fit — that explains his priorities in life.

6. In fact, he's a self-professed feminist

Virat Kohli isn't just protective of his wife, he's been happy to show off his feminist leanings time and time again. In a 2015 interview with the Hindu, he made his stand clear, saying, "“It comes from the kind of society that we have built over the years where women have always been known to be treated as inferiors. How can this be done? This mentality is disturbing and needs to be condemned.”

He followed that up with a Women's Day campaign earlier this year where he encouraged his overwhelmingly male following to celebrate the women in their lives.