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Anya Hindmarch’s London pop-up

By Sneha Sadarangani  July 31st, 2014

You might think that Anya Hindmarch’s latest collection, inspired by everyday objects like cereal and washing powder, might best fit in at a supermarket. Except she’s taken the average grocery store up a notch with a pop-up one that she’s calling a mini-mart. 

The British designer has recreated the feel of a classic corner shop at 99 Mount Street in London, to showcase her whimsical new line. Shop for the Imperial clutch, which takes its design from the Frosties and Cocoa Pops boxes, or the Georgiana, which boldly displays the Ariel washing powder logo. You can also find bags inspired by popular biscuits like McVities Digestive and Custard Cream. The idea behind the collection was to bring iconic product packaging to luxury goods.

As a fun finishing touch, the store will also be selling ice creams – vanilla topped with a Cadbury Flake – just for 99 pence. Hurry, you have until September to visit.

99 Mount Street, London W1K 2TF

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