5 reasons Arjun Rampal will save Indian politics Advertisement

5 reasons Arjun Rampal will save Indian politics

That rare time when politics makes us happy

By Rochelle Pinto  January 10th, 2017

Arjun Rampal has just announced he will be lending the BJP a muscular, gym-honed hand in the upcoming elections. Of course, Twitter has melted and Facebook was just checked into Wockhardt to get its blood pressure under control. But, before we go wondering what in Merlin’s beard possessed Rampal to make such a dramatic career shift, we have a few reasons why this might be the best thing to have ever happened to Indian politics.  

5 reasons Arjun Rampal could save Indian politics  

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We will finally have a reason to watch Lok Sabha TV. Might even learn a thing or two about the laws they allegedly pass in the Parliament. #NoPromises

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Those nightmare-inducing political posters will now be deemed public art. We hear the Louvre is already moving a few Van Goghs into storage to make room for Arjun’s debut.  

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Attendance in government offices will be up by 100 per cent. We may even have some folks volunteering to work overtime, as long as Arjun Rampal is put in charge of surprise checks.

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Arjun Rampal will be so busy attending political rallies, he won’t be able to make movies like Moksh and I See You. Everybody wins.

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We will finally be able to hold our heads high when our Justin Trudeau-toting, Canadian-returned cousins come home for Diwali.