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Arjun Vagale shares his summer anthems

The DJ has some hot techno tunes up his sleeve - including his new EP

By ELLE team  June 5th, 2015

Delhi-based DJ Arjun Vagale is known to keep a hectic gig calendar. At the moment, he’s touring with his new EP She Stole My Soul. He’ll be releasing it with the Amsterdam-based techno label Bitten Records on June 8. This teaser, stuffed with slick synths and snaring vocals, should whet your appetite:  


For more dance-floor-friendly anthems we asked Vagale to share to share his playlist:

‘Rack And Run’ by Nick Curly
“When I hear of Nick Curly the first thing that comes to my mind is groove! His simple yet exceptional productions always make it to my playlists and they’ve got summer written all over them. ‘Rack And Run’ will be massive, without doubt.”

‘Plasticity’ by Audio Units
“Big props to my Bangalore boys Audio Units for this massive tune. I’ve been playing it ever since they sent it to me… it has been my secret weapon and I hope more people discover their music.”

‘Time Bomb’ by Sunju Hargun & Forrest
“Another Asian on the rise, Sunju Hargun has been absolutely killing it. I’ve been playing ‘Time Bomb’ for the last four-five months, and it’s finally out now on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings [Canada]. It’s going to be a big year for Sunju – so keep your eyes on him!” 

‘Mutate (Kaiserdisco Remix)’ by Christian Smith & Wehbba
“It’s already No. 1 on the Beatport Techno charts, so you can be sure it’ll get hammered by everyone at Sonar [music festival] this year. Big remix from my buddies Kaiserdisco.”

‘Clot (Wade Remix)’ by Arjun Vagale
“The original I did about a year ago was major so Pleasurekraft decided to get it remixed, and I’m glad they got Wade. He’s put his own spin on it, and so far the feedback has been amazing. It blew up at BPM this year, and everyone’s been asking about it. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a big track!”

Catch Arjun Vagale at The Myx, Kolkata, on June 5; Terra Maya, Guwahati, on June 6; Playboy, Hyderabad, on June 12; antiSOCIAL, Delhi, on June 13