Artificial intelligence meets art at New Delhi gallery Nature Morte

Stop by New Delhi gallery Nature Morte and take in its groundbreaking show, Gradient Descent (on until September 15), an assemblage of art that’s been created using artificial intelligence in collaboration with humans. 

Art Work by Mario Klingeman        

Face (Artificial Muse) by Mario Klingemann     

The AI debate—whether machines can truly supplant humans—has been raging for years. And this exhibition opens a fresh avenue of thought: harnessing AI’s potential to further human creativity.

Art work by Harshit Agrawal2   

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Algorithm by Harshit Agrawal

In fact, that’s the show’s brief, courtesy the curators, 64/1, a collective that’s been encouraging artists to reconstitute the way they engage with their mediums, in the light of an almost certain future where AI will play a large part. Look out for the work of the only Indian participant, new media artist and human computer interaction researcher Harshit Agrawal, and self-taught German artist Mario Klingemann, a Google-arts artist-in-residence who largely works with code and algorithms.

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