Ashish Soni on his 25 years in fashion

Ashish Soni has been a constant star on the horizon of Indian fashion. Small beginnings, profound milestones and even the moments that he’d best leave forgotten, all mark his quarter century in the business. “I have so many stories to tell,” he says. And here are only 20 of them. Now you know.

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Hair and make-up: Leeview Biswas; Black metal and white metal stools, BoConcept; Location courtesy: Nature Morte, New Delhi; Assisted by: Jahnvi Bansal, Garima Gupta and Mehak Anand (Styling)

From left: On Valerie Buscayret: Cotton top, thread and metal necklace; both model’s own. Polyester trousers and jacket, satin train; all Ashish N Soni. Leather heels, Christian Louboutin. On Neera Nath: Cotton shirt, cropped textured silk pantsuit; both Ashish N Soni. Leather and tulle heels, Christian Louboutin. On Ambika Anand: Embroidered polyester tunic, wool crepe trousers, wool jacket; all Ashish N Soni. Leather heels, model’s own. On Ashish Soni: Cotton T-shirt, Cos. Wool suit, Ashish N Soni. On Mini Shastri: Polyester jacquard coat, polyester trousers; both Ashish N Soni. Leather heels, metal necklace, metal cuff, leather-strap watch; all model’s own

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