Ashton Kutcher fasted with just water and tea in the mountains after his divorce to Demi Moore Advertisement

Ashton Kutcher fasted with just water and tea in the mountains after his divorce to Demi Moore

The 40-year-old star has opened up about the days following his divorce from ex-wife Demi Moore

By Katie O’Malley  February 22nd, 2018

After six years of marriage, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore officially announced their separation in 2013.

However, instead of crying into a bowl of Ben & Jerrys or watching The Notebook on repeat, the Dude Where’s My Car star has revealed he actually went and had his very own Wild moment in the wilderness.

‘Right after I got divorced, I went to the mountains for a week by myself,’ the actor told fellow star Dax Shepard for an interview on his new podcast, Armchair Expert.

Describing his lonely days post-divorce, the 40-year-old continued: ‘I did no food, no drink — just water and tea.’

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

‘I took all my computers away, my phone, my everything. I was there by myself, so there was no talking. I just had a notepad, a pen and water and tea — for a week.’

However, the actor — who is now married to actress Mila Kunis with two children — said he started to hallucinate two days into his ‘me time’.

Despite not having any experience in Tai Chi, the star revealed he started doing the martial arts practice during his seven-day trip in Big Sky, Montana.

‘I was just doing what came to me,’ he laughed. ‘It was pretty wonderful.’

While the Punk’d presenter joked about his post-divorce meltdown, he revealed time alone with his thoughts in the wild helped him close a chapter on all of his previous relationships.

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‘I wrote down every single relationship that I had where I felt like there was some grudge or some anything, regret, anything,’ Kutcher explained.

‘And I wrote letters to every single person, and on day seven, I typed them all out and then sent them. I handwrote them all and then typed them out and sent them.’

‘It was like an [Alcoholics Anonymous] exercise. I was like, “I’ve probably done some damage.” So I just cleared palette.’

As a result, the actor admitted his break was ‘really spiritual and kind of awesome’.