How to avoid ironing your clothes in the morning

If you’re anything like us, you have an internal conflict every time you hear your alarm go off in the morning—should you sleep in those ten extra minutes or get up to iron your clothes and look presentable at work? We’ve come up with the best tricks to ensure that you get that much needed sleep and look polished without having to take out the ironing board. 

1. Take a steamy shower

Finally—an excuse to take your time in the shower in the morning! The heat and moisture that a hot shower creates can eliminate wrinkles in your clothes. Ensure that the bathroom door is shut so the steam is retained, and hang your outfit as close to the shower as possible on a hanger to remove any traces of wrinkles.

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2. Choose a quick drying cycle

Want to remove wrinkles whilst you’re getting ready? Toss your clothes in the dryer with a damp washcloth or a few cubes of ice, both which create steam to remove wrinkles. Turn the dryer on a low or medium cycle for 10 to 15 minutes and hang or wear clothes immediately after the cycle is complete.  Multitasking at its best!

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3. Blow out

Who said blow dryers were only good for blow outs? Use your blow-dryer to quickly remove wrinkles from your clothes. Hang your clothing up and dab a damp washcloth on the affected areas. Turn your blow dryer on to the most powerful setting and direct air on to your clothes from a few inches away to have them look ironed. 

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4. Use alternative irons

Another hair styling device hack! Clean your straightening irons well to wipe off any residues of hair product before you start. Make sure that you adjust the heat accordingly to what material the clothes are and conduct a test patch. Remember, fabrics like silk require low heat whilst heavier fabrics like denim can withstand higher temperatures. Carefully use your iron to remove wrinkles from your clothes. This hack is better for smaller wrinkles- don’t try and straighten your entire outfit!

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5. Make a DIY wrinkle spray

Make your own DIY wrinkle spray. Combine one cup of water, one cup of white distilled vinegar and a few drops of a clear essential oil of your choice (this is to eliminate the smell of the vinegar) such as lavender or rosemary in a spray bottle, shake well and let rest. Spray the mixture lightly on to wrinkles, and lightly tug at the areas.

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