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5 awkward hair problems and how to fix them

Make your hair's in-between moments happier

By Mamta Mody  March 2nd, 2017

That pixie haircut that looked adorable when you first debuted it on Snapchat but now refuses to go into a ponytail or stay pinned. Those grey roots that are appearing way too fast for your hair colouring appointments to keep pace with. That lengthy gap between keratin treatments that you really mean to look into, any day now really. We tackle all the in-between hair problems in the book and help you come out on the other side.

Awkward hair problems we’ve all definitely faced

Exposed, grey roots

The bane of coloured hair, and the one time girls with wavy or curly hair have it easier. Texturisers will add volume and diffuse your natural hair colour. Twisted sections from hairline to ear, pinned back, 

have the same effect. A DIY touch-up kit will work in a pinch.

Second-day hair

Spritz dry shampoo on your roots, or go the ponytail/topknot route — these hairstyles use your scalp’s natural oils as smoothening agents and sit better on mousy locks. For errant curls, apply a lightweight conditioner from the middle to the end, rinse and blast-dry with cool air to condition without stripping off excess oil.

Getting off sulphates

No one warns you about temperamental oily hair when you join the no-shampoo brigade. Tackle your roots with a vinegar rinse or cheat with a sulphate-free hair cleanser every six washes. Need volume? Hang your head upside down and blast-dry.

Between keratin treatments

Is your original hair texture growing at the roots? Smooth offending bits by asking your salon for a weaker keratin formulation, and gradually snip off the treated length. At home, a deepconditioning treatment and keratin shampoos will help you coast.