An Ayurvedic doctor busts myths about Ayurveda and its benefits

Ayurveda is one of India’s wellness and beauty gifts to the world. But as we lose touch with our traditions, we often see confusion about Ayurveda’s principles and benefits. Is it solely about natural ingredients, does it take a long time to show results, does it suit our modern-day requirements? To put an end to all these questions, we turned to Dr VR Vivekanand, a third-generation practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine with 19 years of experience.


Dr Vivekanand in conversation with Vivek Sahni, CEO of Kama Ayurveda, at ELLEvateWomen

ELLE: Can you please share a wellness secret with us?

Dr Vivekanand: Eat right, sleep well, exercise well.

ELLE: One myth about Ayurveda that you would like to bust? 

Dr Vivekanand: That Ayurveda is slow; it works quickly.


Kama Ayurveda’s range of products

ELLE: Could you please recommend one Ayurvedic ritual that everyone can incorporate in their daily life?

Dr Vivekanand: Wake up early in the morning and see if your digestion is through. If you clear your bowels, that’s a good sign. If not, drink warm water and wait for the stools to come before you begin your day.

ELLE: How do you think everyone should begin their mornings, a few tips you would like to give us?

Dr. Vivekanand: The first thing is to wake up on your left side—don’t wake up straight, don’t wake up on your right side. Do a lot of stretching, drink warm water, and start taking the day as it comes.

ELLE: How does waking up on your left side help?

Dr Vivekanand: Digestion and peristaltic movement is better when you wake up in the morning on the left side.

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