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Ayurvedic products to add to your winter skincare routine

Your new favourites from Forest Essentials

By ELLE team  December 19th, 2019

As the weather changes, a lot of other things follow suit. The way we dress, what we eat and what we do over the weekends are all going to adapt to the weather. Another thing that must adapt is your skincare routine. A lot more beauty enthusiasts are now reading labels and moving towards an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Natural, organic and ayurvedic are the current buzzwords and we are here for it. Here is a guideline to revamp your regime for the season with recommendations of the best-of-the-best ayurveda has to offer from Forest Essentials.

Shall we?

Face care

With the weather making your skin dry, you need to ensure you give it the tender love and care it needs. Add a sulphate-free, gentle face cleanser into your daily routine that will enable skin to hold on to its natural moisture, giving you a healthy glow. Once a week, use natural exfoliators to combat dryness and flaky layers while moisturising and nourishing skin at the same time.  

Body care

Forest Essentials offers a range of creamy, silky ayurvedic shower gels that do not strip the skin of its natural oils. Follow a hot shower with a bath and shower oil to make skin supple, smooth and hydrated. Choose from an array of options, each infused with a rich blend of pure, naturally distilled and fragrant essential oils in organically grown cold-pressed base oils. 

Cold-pressed oils

Invest in some good quality multi-use cold-pressed virgin oils that can be used for a body massage, head massage or even as a moisturiser. “I like to use the Forest Essentials Coconut Oil on my lips, eyelids and eyebrows before doing my make-up,” says actor Sonam Kapoor Ahuja.


It is important to have a rock-solid hair care routine in place for the winter. The Forest Essentials hair cleansers and conditioners are blended with a natural cleansing agent, ‘Reetha’ that mildly lathers while balancing the excess oil. Before cleansing, apply a hair masque once a week to deeply nourish those drying hair strands and indulge in a weekly champi session for your scalp with their wide range of head massage oils.

Overnight care

You need to let your sleep do what it does best – replenish and rejuvenate your skin. Before you get some beauty sleep, apply the Ojas Glow Replenishing Night Beauty Balm which acts as an activator for your nighttime moisturiser, pair it with the Advanced Date and Litchi Cream to deeply nourish the skin, improve its elasticity and wake up to a glow!

Lip care and SPF

Lastly, DO NOT leave the house without a lip balm! The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your face, which means that it needs to be protected from the dry air much more. 

You may not feel the heat but that doesn’t mean you don’t need sun protection! Apply the Forest Essentials Sun Fluid that protects the skin for up to 4-6 hours, without leaving any white residue or sheen on the skin.

Now, you are winter-ready, naturally!