6 Ayurvedic wellness rituals to practice everyday and the science behind them

According to ancient Indian teachings, following these daily Ayurvedic wellness rituals that are aligned with the cycles of nature sets a rhythm to your life that can improve your overall wellbeing and health. This equates to sleeping and waking up in tandem with the sun, and following a routine of morning and night practices (known as dinacharya in Ayurvedic terms) that effectively reduce stress and infuse your life with positivity and increased levels of energy. ELLE got Dr Manoj Kutteri, wellness director at Atmantan Wellness Resort, to shed light on the Ayurvedic wellness rituals that you should inculcate into your daily life.

“Start your day with oil pulling, which is using oil as a mouthwash. After that, use a tongue scraper and then brush your teeth. You can use neem powder or the bark of a guava tree to brush. Post that, drink 2-3 glasses of warm water with lemon to cleanse your bowels. Then, start with some basic exercises and follow up with a warm oil massage. Wash off the oil in a hot shower using a herbal scrub. After bathing, dry your head and rub rasnadi powder on the vertex of your head. Also, throughout the day, drink copper-charged water,” recommends Dr Manoj. Practicing this routine is guaranteed to invigorate you. Read on to find out the positives of each ritual.

6 Ayurvedic wellness rituals and their benefits, explained:

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