The best-kept beauty secret is right in your kitchen Advertisement

The best-kept beauty secret is right in your kitchen

Curing everything from pimples to odour

By Simone Dhondy  August 11th, 2017

Forget exotic murumuru butter and everybody’s current obsession rosehip oil. Plain old baking soda is probably the most underrated ingredient in your quest for smooth skin and bouncy hair. Until now, you’ve probably only used it for that chocolate cake you decide to bake every now and then, but that seemingly worthless powder is more talented than you think. Sodium bicarbonate is a neutralizing agent that has antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Which may not sound fancy but when put into action, baking powder probably the most effective and economical option out there, combating everything from product build-up on your scalp to yeast infections in your lady parts. 

Try not to over do it with our favourite uses for the miracle powder.

6 beauty and grooming hacks with baking powder  

Cleanse your scalp

Not the same as washing your hair. Using a baking soda mixture repeatedly may have a negative effect on your scalp in the long run, as it could disrupt the PH balance and cause a dry scalp or brittle hair. However, using the soda bicarb composition once in a while to simply help get rid of excessive product build-up could improve the condition of your hair. Make a mixture by dissolving baking soda in water in a 1:6 ratio depending upon the thickness and how much abuse your hair has suffered. The composition removes oil build-up, product build-up and helps restore shine. Leave it in for 3-4 minutes and rinse it through the length of your hair. 


Aside from being alkaline which helps it to cut grease and restore balance, baking soda is also one hell of an exfoliator. Use a tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in water to make a medium consistency paste. The paste breaks down sebum and removes dead cells when applied to damp skin and gently rubbed into problematic areas. It can also be used over your lips to exfoliate them. Dry by dabbing a clean, dry towel on your face and finish it off by using a toner to close your pores.

Teeth whitening

Save yourself a trip to the dentist. The mix of baking soda and water is a nasty combination when it's not accompanied with flour, sugar and eggs. You could try mixing the miracle powder with lime juice to make an acidic paste that will whiten your chewing tools with maximum efficiency. Apply the paste to your not-so-pearly-whites with a toothbrush and brush for no more than two minutes. Repeat the process a couple of times a week for two weeks. Don't flinch too much when this unpleasant paste hits your taste buds — when rubbed into your tongue, baking soda can also help eradicate bad breath. 

Helps getting rid of pimples

Baking soda has anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties which will help reduce the size of your pimple. You can apply the paste like a spot treatment or as a mask over your face. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, just enough time to dry out all those pimples but not long enough to dry out your skin. Avoid if your skin is sensitive.

Cleaning your beauty tools

Soaking your make-up and hair brushes in baking soda will have them feeling brand new. Baking soda breaks down the residual product on your beauty tools restoring them back to that out-of-the-box state. It also acts as a mild antiseptic which will reduce the chances of you getting pimples when you apply your makeup. It will also kill any bacteria that had the chance to call your hairbrush home.

Restoring the PH balance to your lady parts

If you're prone to mild yeast infections, you may want to correct the issue before you have to resort to strong anti-fungal creams. Pills, washes and suppositories tend to be more chemicals than you would like in your most sensitive region. The natural alternative could be a baking soda soak. You could either fill a tub with the baking soda mixture and marinate in it for a few minutes or apply it like a wash to your vulva and labia. Make sure to wash it out properly as it could cause dryness. You vagina is self-cleaning so only try this if you are prone to infections and feel an itch coming on. Bonus point: Baking soda helps get rid of odours.