Tracing Bani J’s complete style evolution

Gurbani Judge, better known as Bani J, first tasted fame as the runner-up on MTV Roadies Season 4, which kickstarted her career as a VJ for the channel. With her outspoken personality and unabashed attitude, the Chandigarh-born girl let nothing hold her back from pursuing her dreams — whether they were about pushing her limits at the gym or turning her body into a tatted-up work of art. Her sartorial sense has seen an upturn on the graph too — from wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt with jeans to a custom-made Nishka Lulla ensemble, the VJ-turned model has definitely come a long way.

But if there is one constant that’s remained throughout her style journey, it’s her love for experimenting with different hair colours. Pink, purple, red, blue, silver, green, blonde… Bani has tried everything between highlights and streaks, unfailingly surprising us every time. And while she has been body-shamed for her muscular physique, this lion-heart doesn’t pay heed to the haters — she just comes back even stronger.

Map Bani J’s fashion journey (as well as her fitness evolution and her love for tattoos) right from the first day she gained popularity in 2009 until today. 

From 2009 to 2017: Bani J’s style transformation 

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