Why basket bags are this summer’s hottest accessory

Anyone in the mood for a picnic? Because Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez are all ready for one, complete with basket bags that are accompanying their recent outings in the city. The friends have clearly been exchanging fashion notes, and we’re all for it, as are fashion icons Anna Dello Russo and Alexa Chung, who’ve been propagating the eco-friendly bag for quite some time.

Traced back to the ’70s when French actress Jane Birkin refused to carry anything but basket bags — this was before she switched allegiance to the Hermès Birkin bag, and in fact, the basket bag was instrumental for its birth — and it became an iconic fixture to her daily look. Fashion is cyclic, and though the basket bags have been around for a couple of years, Kareena, Sonam and Jacqueline are making the trend resurface again. Right in time for summer.

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Headed for a family vacation to Maldives, Kareena made sure her airport outfit was suggestive of her destination.

Sonam Kapoor woven basket bags 1

Seen while promoting her upcoming movie Veere Di Wedding, Sonam carried a square-shaped basket bag.  


Jacqueline woven basket bags

Spotted at Bandra, Jacqueline opted for a crescent-shaped basket bag.

From Chanel to Dolce and Gabbana, everyone’s reinterpreting the ’70s inspired bag. Here are our favourites.

5 basket bags we’re eyeing for summer:

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