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How to get Priyanka Chopra’s bikini body

Bloating, be gone

By ELLE team  May 17th, 2017

When you’ve signed up for the official reboot of Baywatch, slow-mo beach runs are probably written into the legal contract. While the trailer didn’t offer up as much Priyanka Chopra as we would have liked, the lady took a time-out from acing all those red carpets to hit the surf in an itsy-bitsy bikini, showing off that toned, healthy figure.

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Quiz her about it though and Priyanka will pin her svelte figure on her Indian genes; “You know, I’m lazy. I want to take advantage of the fact that I have a great metabolism. When I start getting fat, I’ll work on it. I like food, and I don’t like the gym, and as long as I look like this without doing anything, why bother?” she confessed in a recent interview.

If you a little help toning up, here’s our handy 3-step guide to help you step out in the sun looking — and feeling — like a Priyanka Chopra.

3 tips to scoring a bikini body

Banish bloating

Water retention happens to the best of us. You may wake up looking a little like a puffer-fish with a bloated face and swollen hands and feet. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, you retain water not because you’re drinking too much of it, but because you’re not drinking enough.

“Your aim should be to keep your system hydrated and flushed and the best way to do that is to drink more fluids than usual,” explains nutritionist and author Pooja Makhija. She recommends natural diuretics like barley water, jaljeera or kokum water. Tank up on coconut water, fresh juices and buttermilk. They’ll cool your system, which in turn will prevent heat rashes, acne and rosacea outbreaks.

Keep exfoliating

Your skin’s cycle remains more or less the same, irrespective of the season. So while you may think that skin cells dry up and accumulate more during winter, it isn’t true. Even in the warmer months, you need to exfoliate your face and body once a week to rid the skin of the upper layer of dead skin cells (especially for oily skin types). This process also removes pore-clogging impurities that make the skin oilier and later lead to breakouts. If your skin is still oily, consider getting a mild AHA peel under the care of a qualified doctor.

Eat smart

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — you are a product of what you put into your body and not just what you put on it. Over-cooked, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you, and dilate blood vessels that will make you sweat even more. Instead, stick to lightly grilled or sautéed preparations, salads and fruits. Treat yourself to mangoes, which are rich in fibre and packed with Vitamin A that’s great for cell repair and renewal.

Blend chunks of cucumbers, celery and tomatoes with a little water or some ice cubes. Pack it with extra flavour and nutrition with some mint leaves and cooling chia seeds. Stay hydrated.

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