Master skincare with this cheat sheet of beauty philosophies from around the world

Just when we’re getting the hang of the techniques and products that make up the latest skin routine that’s doing the rounds, a new one comes up. So, we took a virtual trip around the world and put together a breakdown of the best regimes, minus the fluffy claims. Here are our top finds; read on to know which one (or a combination) works for you. 



The breakdown: Usually known for being pioneers in engineering, Germany is quickly gaining traction for fuss-free skincare that targets specific concerns, like acne and dehydrated skin. Non-toxic and dermat-backed, each product is tested to match the highest standards before it hits the market. 

Major key: Certified natural ingredients and cruelty-free practices ensure you follow a clean beauty routine. 

The powerhouse: Wild rose hip extract is a moisture-locking superhero that soothes and softens skin. 



The breakdown: Traditional Indian skin and hair routines are embedded in ayurveda and emphasise the idea of wholesome beauty. What you eat is just as important as what you put on your face. 

Major key: Massage the scalp with a concoction of herb-infused oils to condition the skin and boost hair health. 

The powerhouse: Neem oil fights free-radical damage and dandruff. 



The breakdown: Hailed as a beauty mecca, South Korea is famous for launching potent, innovative products that are packed to the hilt with natural ingredients. To get aboard the intensive multi-step (as many as 18) regime that they’re famed for, start by using a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and SPF. 

Major key: Layer skincare from the lightest to the heaviest consistency for max absorption.

The powerhouse: Snail mucin (slime) is well-known for its acne-fighting, antimicrobial properties. 



The breakdown: Rooted in Chinese medicine, beauty brands in China place great importance on natural ingredients and self-healing. They’ve re-introduced the world to age-old practices of at-home massages for the face and body (hello, jade roller). 

Major key: Gua sha, a smooth flat stone used in facial massages improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

The powerhouse: Jade and rose quartz stones drain the lymph nodes, keeping puffiness at bay. 


The breakdown: Besides Marie Kondo’s famous tidying methods, Japan is also famous for beauty products that combine time-tested natural ingredients with modern technology. Their secret lies in a minimal routine and invigorating face massages. 

Major key: Part of the centuries-old Geisha beauty regimen, essences or beauty waters soothe the deepest layers of your dermis.

The powerhouse: Reishi mushrooms, a mainstay in J-beauty, are rich in vitamin D and protect skin from environmental damage. 


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