Beauty expert Anita Kaushal decodes the Ayurvedic traditions for self-care

From ancient Ayurvedic traditions for self-care, the co-founder of all-natural brand Mauli Rituals tells us about her holistic approach. At 51, Anita Kaushal looks almost a decade younger with her glowing complexion and lush dark hair—a side-effect she gladly credits to all the study that went into creating her beauty brand, Mauli Rituals.

In 2012, the UK-based entrepreneur and her husband, Bittu Kaushal, started their ongoing research in traditional Ayurvedic practices that were steeped in their family history. Two years later, their hard work resulted in this holistic collection of luxurious beauty oils and crystal-infused bath salts that are based on the principles of Ayurveda and aromatherapy. As shelves at cool e-retail stores like Net-A-Porter and the Bulgari Spa make way for their blends, Anita gives us a peek into her no-frills routine.

ELLE: What inspired you to start Mauli Rituals?

Anita Kaushal: At 84, my father-in-law, who is an Ayurvedic doctor, glows with vitality. At first, I took his knowledge for granted, but the deeper I dived into it, the more passionate I became about giving back, and keeping our heritage alive for future generations in a way that they can enjoy it in. This, coupled with the experience from my consulting job, and the drive to create a business I felt passionate about, fitted into the jigsaw that is Mauli Rituals. 

Beauty expert Anita Kaushal 1

Mauli Rituals Sacred Union Scent & Dry Oil, Rs 5,720 approx.

ELLE: How has your beauty philosophy shaped the line?

AK: True beauty is all about feeling comfortable in your skin, and knowing yourself. I was brought up by the most loving and giving parents, who would open their hearts and home to all. This often left them depleted, and I really wanted to see them love themselves. The intention, with Mauli, is therefore to offer products—created with the person’s well-being in mind—to make you feel better on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

ELLE: Why did you choose to go with all-natural blends?

AK: Our skin is our largest organ, and anything we apply on it is absorbed directly into the blood stream. Those pretty products we apply actually release chemicals and toxins that do more harm than good. All our mixes are super gentle, and we make them by fusing ancient and modern methods to preserve the properties of natural plants for longer.

Beauty expert Anita Kaushal

Mauli Rituals Supreme Skin Face Serum, Rs  5,150 approx

ELLE: What’s your go-to for a calm mind and glowing skin?

AK: I start my day by drinking an infusion of lemon in warm water. After a shower, I indulge in a body massage with the sweet-smelling Sacred Union oil. I also apply the Supreme Skin serum on my face, and finish with a concealer and a dollop of mascara.

Beauty expert Anita Kaushal 2

Mauli Rituals Grow Strong Hair Oil, Rs 2,490 approx.

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