Top hairstylist, Natasha Negamvala on how to achieve great hair effortlessly Advertisement

Top hairstylist, Natasha Negamvala on how to achieve great hair effortlessly

Her hair care routine is super low-maintenance, but super effective

By Mamta Mody  April 22nd, 2019

With an illustrious career that spans almost three decades, Natasha Naegamvala has carved a niche for herself in the hair industry as a stylist and educator. She started her journey as an apprentice under her mother, the legendary Nalini Naegamvala, and has worked her way to the top as the director of Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salon. Natasha’s particular brand of styling lies in high-drama cuts and color that don’t demand constant attention. She explains, “If I don’t want to waste an hour blow-drying my hair every morning, I can’t expect others to enjoy it either.” She tells us how she pulls off this lo-fi routine.

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Photograph: Mitali Srivastava Hough

The beginning

“I started hairdressing at 17, but that was preceded by a three-year internship at my mom’s salon. She made sure my sister, Monisha and I worked hard to earn our allowances. We spent hours washing and wiping the hair coloring foils—this was way back in the ’80s. A few years into the business, my sister took me under her wing, and trained me to be the hairdresser I am today.”

Hair ideology

“When people ask me about trends I really have no response for them. For me, a haircut and colour should be based on your personality and face shape. I will also do things that are easy maintenance—most often my haircuts don’t require a blow-dry. With a little product you can leave home feeling great.”

Favourite products

 “I love Sebastian’s Taming Elixir; it’s wonderful for our humid climate.

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Hairspray, Sebastian Professional Taming Elixir

Hairsprays have made their way back into my kit, especially the Sebastian Re-shaper that gives a little control and relaxes frizz.

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Sebastian Professional Re-shaper Hairspray

Mousse is another versatile product that is making a big comeback. I apply it while my hair is still damp, and it simply contains the craziness. Sebastian’s Trilliant sprays makes hair glossy and smell absolutely divine.

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Sebastian Professional Trilliant

At the salon, I always recommend the Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment; it strips off mineral build-up, and everything thereafter becomes more effective—whether it’s color or hair spa.”

Best advice

“In the past f‍ive years my focus has shifted from simply styling hair to care; and at-home products play a big part in this. Deep conditioners, masques and oils make a huge difference to hair quality.

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Moroccan oil Treatment

My favorite thing is to mix protein-based oil, like Moroccan oil with a conditioner. After three to four washes your hair will be so supple, it’s unbelievable.”