Brow queen Suman Jalaf on shaping her growing empire

Victims of the ’90s skinny brows will truly appreciate the lushly perfect sets of arches Suman Jalaf is known to leave in her wake. An expert at shaping, tinting and microblading, Jalaf ’s handiwork can be observed in the statement brows of Deepika Padukone, Kate Moss and Suki Waterhouse. Those looking for an appointment at her London atelier, Suman Brows, can expect a waiting list of upto eight months, but she does travel the globe offering her services as well. Like any innovative entrepreneur, Jalaf has designed her atelier to be not just a magic kingdom for sad brows, but a one-stop destination where you can also avail of quality nail services, facials, massages and lash treatments. Next, she’s looking at devising an elite learning course to share her skills. The busy bosslady carved out time to share her best brow and business tips.

Suman Jalaf Profile photo 2 Renata Boruch

ELLE: What are your top three tips for maintaining great brows?

Suman Jalaf: Set regular appointments to get them groomed, and try to avoid putting too much make-up on your brows. Remember to moisturise them with a brow specific product, or apply a combination of castor oil and coconut oil. Castor oil is a great way to nourish the brow hair—it’s slow but it works. And brush them daily.

ELLE: Your advice for someone who is ready to commit to microblading?

SJ: This is a permanent change so ensure you know all about it. Choose a technician who understands your face shape, rather than just following Instagram trends.

ELLE: What helped make you the successful entrepreneur you are today?

SJ: Growing up watching my brother work so hard to put a roof over our heads, I knew I would have my own business one day. I hated the rigid hours of working for someone else. What I didn’t know was that once you have your own business, you work longer hours and so much harder. I always put myself around inspirational people to learn how it’s done and to motivate myself.

ELLE: A life lesson you’d like to share with fellow entrepreneurs.

SJ: You’ll face a lot of challenges, but keep yourself motivated and positive. Remember that a little bit of fear is always good.

Photograph: Renata Boruch (Suman Jalaf), Getty Images

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