Beauty experts Divya and Neha Mehta know what Indian women want

Shopping for skincare products can be an overwhelming task. You can read a thousand reviews and navigate multiple shelves, and still never feel certain that you’ll find the perfect one. The founders of skincare brand Epique, Divya and Neha Mehta, are familiar with this dilemma. After repeatedly being disappointed by the pigmentation solutions in the market, they decided to make their own in July 2014. The duo took advantage of their family’s 75-year experience in plant-based actives, to create a collection that fuses the best of nature with science.

When they are not travelling the world to discover powerful plant extracts, Divya and Neha are busy creating new skin-loving formulas in their Swiss lab. But what truly sets them apart is the research they invest in addressing mature skincare concerns like dullness, dark circles and fine lines, and also in understanding that Indian women need moisturisers and serums that can face even the hottest summers. Sounds like a win-win situation for us.

ELLE: What prompted the idea for Epique?

Divya Mehta: Neha had been struggling with pigmentation for years, especially when she worked outdoors. We couldn’t find a product that protected her from the harsh Indian summer sun, without any side effects. So, eventually we came up with our own skincare solution, and Neha was our toughest critic. Since then, we’ve strived to offer effective products that you can trust.

ELLE: What makes Epique so different?

Neha Mehta: During our intensive research, we started by identifying issues faced by Indian women, and then travelled in search of the most potent plant-based extracts to solve these problems. At our Swiss labs, we turned these [extracts] into phyto-concentrates (molecular extracts) that are far more potent than the average herbal extracts. They’re highly effective and gentle, and have been developed for the skincare needs of mature skin.

ELLE: What’s your top beauty tip?

DM: I love a one-minute facial with our Intensive Luminescence cream to drain the lymph and get a glow. Warm the product in your hands and massage your face with it, in upward motions. Then make gentle tapping motions to stimulate the skin. End by wrapping your hands around your face to give an added massage to the dermis.

NM: A good sunscreen, with a high SPF, that protects you against UVA and UVB rays is a necessity. It doesn’t matter what your age is, or whether you’re indoors. Wearing sunscreen is essential.

ELLE: A DIY beauty treatment you love doing at home.

DM: I freeze a blend of green tea, cucumber, lemon and honey into ice cubes, and massage my face with them for an instant facelift and glow.

NM: Since I’m a lipstick addict, I scrub my lips with a mix of sugar and Vaseline to cure dry, flaky lips.

Here’s what’s in their beauty kit:

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Photograph: Polina Schapova; Sittings editor: Rahul Vijay

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