10 celebrity beauty experts reveal their favourite budget products

The experts in the biz revealed the unsexy hero product they’re tying the knot with this wedding season. 

Dr Nina Madnani  
Dermatologist & founder, Dr Madnani’s Skin and Hair Clinic 


>“This is my absolute favourite drugstore product for a bride. Slather the thick, creamy mask on your face to keep it hydrated, smooth and glowing. For best results, apply it every alternate day before the wedding.”

Sandhya Shekar 
Make-up artist


“You don’t need make-up tricks to cheat a glow if you follow a healthy diet. I encourage all my brides to include a bunch of fruit and vegetable juices in their diet (apple, beetroot, carrot or any green juice), so their skin is clear on their big day.”

Namrata Soni 
Hair & make-up artist


“I’m in love with this organic face oil. It’s lightweight, perfect for daily use, and keeps your skin hydrated. And, it has 24-karat gold flakes to keep you glowing. I also use it to prep and prime the skin before applying make-up.”

Sonic Sarwate 

Global senior make-up artist, M.A.C India 


“These are the two most essential tools I use on a bride. The long-wear foundation formula gives the right kind of coverage and a natural matte finish that stays put for hours. Plus, it looks great in pictures.”

Elton J Fernandez 
Hair and make-up artist


“Indians have beautiful, thick lashes that usually weigh down, making the eyes appear droopy. That’s why I like to curl the lashes before applying mascara—it gives them a gorgeous look so brides can bat them all day long.” 

Puneet Saini 
Make-up artist


“A good eye make-up remover is super important to take off all the waterproof products make-up artists usually use on brides. A reliable remover not only helps take off make-up easily, but also comes in handy during touch-ups.”

Deepa Verma 
Hair and make-up artist


“While brushes are my best tools for bridal make-up, a baby toothbrush is my secret hairstyling tool. It helps make sure all those flyaways around the hairline are set in place.”

Dr Kiran Lohia 

Dermatologist and founder, Lumiere Dermatology


“An ice cube facial is great for your skin. Freeze fresh orange juice, mint leaves and water into cubes and gently rub them all over your face for five to ten minutes. Then, watch as red, irritated skin is calmed, your pores tighten and your skin is left glowing.”

Dr Rashmi Shetty 

Dermatologist And Founder, Ra Skin And Aesthetics


“An age-old remedy, turmeric is perfect for the bride. Mix it with sandalwood oil to avoid stains, with coconut shavings to exfoliate, or with yoghurt for a calming effect. Get the best of its brightening benefits by using these blends as face or body masks.”

Daniel Bauer 
Hair and make-up artist

false lashes


“A lot of girls want to replicate celebrities on their wedding day. My secret weapon to do this? Bandless, single false lashes. They’re a simple addition and look stunning every time.” 

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