Beauty fads to leave behind in 2019

Hot-ticket wellness and beauty trends were rife throughout 2019. Some were bizarre (and low-key gross – yes mucus-y things, I am talking to you), some were downright dangerous (vitamin IV drips and excessive fasting diets) and some, all of us were guilty of buying into (hi, matcha tea, juicers and jade rollers). 

We got experts to tell us the one trend they wish we didn’t bring into the new decade. 

Coloured Masks

Multi-masking was something we were introduced to in 2019. It is a great concept. Our entire face isn’t the same, while some areas are oily, others require hydration. But, Rajni Ohri, founder of Ohria Ayurveda implores you to choose wisely. “Please read the labels and watch out for artificial colours in face masks. Many of them give temporary results but could harm your skin in the long-term. Opt for traditional lepams and ubtans that can be customized by blending ingredients that suit the skin type and concern,” she adds.

Snail mucus, snake venom and other insect body fluids

In search of a celestial glow and quick skin healing, a lot of us bought into the Korean and Japanese mucus-based skincare product fad. Snails excrete slime which protects their exposed flesh from cuts and impurities. It contains a high dose of hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid – which are certified, skincare heroes. Dr Aneesh Sheth, cosmetic chemist and founder of Dr Sheth’s isn’t a big fan of the mucus and venom trend. “Honestly I really hope this trend dies off in 2020. Started off by Korean pop culture, there is very little science backing this. While the ingredients make a compelling case there aren’t many credible studies that show how effective snail slime or snake venom is for anti-ageing or reduction of pigmentation” he says. 

Multiple-step skincare routines

10 steps, 12 steps, 15 steps… our skincare routines have just grown through this year. A lot of the experts we spoke to vehemently agree that when it comes to skincare, simple is key, and a little goes a long way. “Eliminate unnecessary steps in your regime and stick with the essential steps, like cleansing, toning, protecting and moisturising. Layering too many products on the skin may cause irritation and clog the pores too. Sometimes active ingredients cancel one another or react with each other to cause a bad reaction. Consult a dermatologist to know what best suits your skin,” instructs Dr Sangeeta Velaskar, vice president of medical services and R&D at Kaya Clinic.

Intermittent fasting, keto and pagen diets

Diets were a trending buzzword in itself through 2019. All sorts of diets saw the light of day– intermittent fasting, keto, pagen – people really didn’t like food too much. “Fad diets are restrictive and cannot be sustained. While most diet fads tell us how to start, there will be little information on how to wean off,” says nutritionist and food coach, Anupama Menon. Intermittent fasting could work, but the 16-hour fast isn’t the prime rule. “12-14 hours could work, depending on your body’s tolerance level. This could be sustained as a lifestyle, it just requires awareness. In 2020, people should focus on how to translate diets into a lifestyle change. It is important to look into holistic health and wellness and not just have weight loss as the main focus,” she adds. This is far better than blindly eliminating major food groups.

Faux and glitter freckles

Drawn on freckles were seen as a way to put on an illusion of having bare skin (after applying make-up) or a more youthful appearance. “While many went as far as getting temporary tattoos to partake in this trend, this is honestly a no-go. 2020 is about embracing your own uniqueness, freckles or not,” says Aanchal Budhiraja, beauty expert and training manager, Innisfree India

Overdrawn lips, heavy contouring and boxy brows

Make-up artists all around are now growing increasingly tired of the over-sculpted drawn on look. Whether it’s severe contouring, overdrawn lip lines or insta-brows – these fads really need to be left in 2019. “With beauty gurus, actors and influencers embracing their natural hair texture or the increasing love for the (actual) no-make-up appearances and pictures, the over-sculpted look is out. I am a sucker for all things natural and make-up to me is about enhancing what already exists rather than bringing about a transformation. Non-touring, glowy, natural, flushed skin, glossy MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick shades and wispy natural brows will be the flavour of 2020,” says celebrity make-up artist, Swarnalekha Gupta. 

Extreme punk hairstyles

“2019 saw multiple variations of the buzzcut and undercut, but there isn’t much left to these styles anymore. This year, the focus is on volume and embracing natural texture – beachy waves or curls,” says Sowmya Raghunandan technical trainer, John Paul Mitchell Systems, India. For hair colour trends, she would like everyone to step away from ash-coloured hair tones and opting for warm shades and tones.

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