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11 beauty foods for glowing skin and healthier hair

All the superfoods you need to eat

By Shweta Gandhi  September 12th, 2017

If there’s one thing our painstaking commitment to all things beauty has taught us, it’s that what you put inside your body is just as important — if not more than — what you put on it. It’s no wonder that restaurants around India are taking pains to include health-boosting superfoods and organic produce on their menu. A frontrunner in this department is Bollywood’s favourite salad destination, Kitchen Garden by Suzette where you’ll spot celebrities from Sara Ali Khan to Malaika Arora digging into the restaurant’s gluten-free bread and antioxidant-packed smoothies.  

Head chef and partner Antonia Achache reveals that all their produce is sourced from organic farms located near Pune, and to further their commitment to healthy eating, they’ve also invested in 8,000 sqft of land where they plan to grow their own fresh vegetables and herbs. 

Taking cues from her vast expertise with food and feedback from her celebrity clients, Antonia highlights 11 beauty superfoods that feature prominently in their offerings. 

1. Kale

Kale is low in calories and rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, C and K. “Which is why we use a lot of this antioxidant-rich food in our salads,” says Antonia.

Try the: 5 greens soup 

2. Quinoa 

One of the most protein-rich foods you can eat, quinoa contains fibre, iron, magnesium and manganese. “Our vegetable dish mixed with brown rice and quinoa is always in demand.”

Try the: Roasted veggies bowl 

Avocado on toast 2

3. Avocados

These are full of monosaturated fatty acids, which nourish your hair and skin. They also contain antioxidants, fibre, potassium, magnesium, and folate. “We shouldn’t deprive our body of anything, not even fat — as long as it is good fat.”

Try the: Chicken and avocado caesar salad 

4. Spinach 

Spinach is low in fat, lower in cholesterol and high in niacin, zinc, protein, fibre, vitamins A, C, E and K“Spinach is great for cleansing the body, and we’ve used it in our detox juices,” reveals Antonia.

Try the: Green detox juice. It also has pineapple, lime, mint and amla.

Feel Good Smoothie

5. Berries

Want to combat premature ageing? Eat a handful of berries every day. This antioxidant-rich food is full of anti-inflammatory agents and vitamin C, which helps in keeping skin firm and strong. “We make use of berries in our smoothies,” says Antonia.

Try the: Feel Good smoothie

6. Pomegranate 

Antonia says, “Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, and also make for a perfect topping that’s crunchy and delicious.” They’re excellent sources of vitamin A, C and E and folic acid

Try the: Bulgur tabbouleh

New Salads 1 copy

7. Almonds

“Every night, we soak almonds in water to make fresh almond milk for the next day. We don’t advocate using soy milk as it is packaged — we only use almond milk for our milk-based preparations.” Almonds, as you may know, are loaded with healthy fats, fibreproteinmagnesium and vitamin E. 

Try the: Spicy almond milk. It comes with cinnamon, sea salt and dates blended in it. 

8. Olive oil 

“Indians love olives and olive oil, but the sad part is that olives aren’t grown in the country, though the soil is perfect for it,” says Antonia, who is longing to produce her own olive oil. Rich in monosaturated fats and antioxidants, olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

Try the: Olive oil and lime salad dressing

9. Lentils 

If you’re looking to lose weight, lentils should top your diet chart. They are loaded with fibre, protein, minerals, vitamins, and are low in calories and fat. “One of our grab-and-go salads sees a mix of avocado spread with lentils, quinoa, egg and feta.” 

Try the: Green protein pot

Chia seed coconut parfait berry copy

10. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are known for being high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3. “We believe there is no single magical ingredient that makes you healthy — it’s a mix of foods, and Chia seeds should definitely be incorporated in them,” says Antonia.

Try the: Chia seed pudding

11. Spirulina

Seaweed, anyone? This blue-green algae is a freshwater plant that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces risk of cancer, heart diseases, stroke and boosts weight loss. “We use it in powder form in our detox juices.”

Try the: Green booster

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