6 make-up gurus who're changing our very idea of beauty Advertisement

6 make-up gurus who’re changing our very idea of beauty

A good nude lipstick is for everyone

By Hasina Khatib  April 28th, 2017

The year is 2017, and beauty bloggers hailing from minority groups are no longer just filling up seats in the diversity quota. Not by a long shot. Hijabi beauty bloggers are changing what’s possible for young Muslim women, Afro-American make-up artists are making the beauty industry bend to their rules and we have a gender-bending phenomenon in Jeffree Star. Back home, the Indian skin tone is finally being appreciated in all its nuances, and no, foundation shades don’t just run to three versions of pale.

So who do you owe your gratitude to for making the beauty industry a more inclusive place? Meet the frontrunners of the movement who are drowning out the regressive drone of those Fair & Lovely commercials.

6 diverse beauty bloggers you need to follow right this minute

Dalal AlDoub @dalalid

Muslim. Hijabi. Beauty guru. If you haven’t already, wrap your head around the concept fast, for Dalal has two million followers and a jet-setting lifestyle to attend to. The Kuwaiti blogger regularly collaborates with Sephora, and her flatlays can make yours look like a stack of unwashed laundry.

Debasree Banerjee @debasreee

An ex-MBA gold medallist, Debasree gave up her full-time job when she found her calling as “a long distance make-up shopping partner,” in her own words. One who knows the struggle of finding a good nude lipstick, but will egg you on to adopt vamp lips for the day. 

Afrobella @afrobella

Once a newspaper editor, Patrice Grell Yursik started afrobella.com as an ode to women of colour in the year 2006. Today, she’s popularly referred to as the godmother of brown beauty blogging. Her online presence commands the attention of almost half a million followers across platforms, but she counts her real success in the fact that today when a woman of colour enters a beauty store, she is greeted with ten shades of foundation as opposed to the customary three from a decade ago.

Jeffree Star @jeffreestar

A gender-bending make-up star whose beauty tutorials run along the line of ‘Going to my ex’s funeral look’ and ‘How to get a sugar daddy’? That’s Jeffree Star for you. Oh, and did we mention that he runs the massively successful Jeffree Star Cosmetics? 

Huda Kattan @hudabeauty

The sole testament to this Iraqi beauty icon’s online clout lies in the fact that she has 18 times more followers than Pat McGrath. Make-up guru turned mogul, Huda Kattan first ran the popular channel Huda Beauty, before converting it into one of Sephora’s highest-selling brands in the Middle East. The reason her nude lipstick range is flying off the shelves? Huda understands different skin tones, miraculously managing to bottle that my-lips-but-better shade.