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Bollywood’s top beauty moments in 2019

Bold eyes, short hair

By Kannagi Desai  December 27th, 2019

That time of the year is upon us. Time to look back, reflect and reevaluate the choices we’ve made throughout the year. 2019 was a fabulous year for beauty. From our favourite divas embracing a shorter haircut to neon colours becoming a part of the make-up party, these big trends created a domino effect. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s shorter do got a lot of the leading ladies to follow suit. After Priyanka Chopra’s foray into the neon blue eyeliner space and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s bright yellow lid look, neon make-up became a part of every influencer and beauty aficionado’s arsenal. 

Swipe through our gallery for the top beauty moments this year…

For the love of the lob!

While winters call for the extra layers, some Bollywood beauties decided to usher in the fall/winter season with a short do. Now that’s a chop we can get behind. 

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Janhvi’s all-natural everything

Bollywood newbie with a signature beauty look - muted eyes, kohl, glowy skin, natural lashes and a nude lip. Through this year she stuck to her au natural beauty game. We loved it, but we hope to see something pathbreaking in 2020. 

The slick glossy hair look

A lot of the actresses stepped out in a slicked-back wet hair - glossy skin look a la Kim K at the MET Gala. Most of the women opted for this finger-combed wavy look for the evening paired with either glossy skin or bold make-up or both. Most of them opted to keep their hair down.

PC’s bold make-up moves

Priyanka Chopra Jonas really went over and above this year with her beauty choices. From the Alice in Wonderland look at the MET Gala to experiments with neon blue, she did it all.

Alia’s messy updos

Ask any girl, the most difficult hairstyle to master is the messy bun. You either end up with a ballerina bun or this weird thing that looks like you slept in one. Either way, having effortlessly messy hair takes hard work, unless you have Alia’s hairstylists. 

Embracing the metallic and frosty vibe

Some of them really embraced the frosted lid look. Glitter has always been a crowd-pleasing party favourite, but Elsa-like metallic lids? Not really. In frost, we trust(ed).

Kareena’s love for sleek updos

Kareena Kapoor Khan really favoured the sleek, glossy updos this year. Surprisingly most of her off-duty, airport and vacay hairstyles also featured a lot of buns. 

Pro tip: Rub a few drops of virgin coconut oil on your palms and with a light touch run your hands over your hair. It tames flyaways and gives you an instant glossy look. 

Sonam’s lid escapades

If you need eye make-up inspiration for the holiday season, or even in life, just bookmark Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Instagram page. From rainbow eye make-up to dual cat eyeliner, she’s tried it all.

Kriti Sanon’s hair experiments

If we have to pick one person who was always on-trend, Kriti makes for an easy win. From Dutch braids to hair ornaments, this girl put Rapunzel to shame! 

All in all, 2019 looked marvellous, chic, and beauty-forward. 2020, let’s break some more rules!

Photographs: Instagram