10 beauty products that will help you hygge

If our in-depth study on why Hygge is taking over the world didn’t convince you, maybe this will. Seeing the global hype around the Danish concept of indulging in the simple, cosy things in life, the beauty industry is cashing in (somewhat ironically) by selling luxurious products that you wouldn’t ordinarily take time out for in your busy daily routine.

Treat yourself to therapeutic body oils or spray Forest Essential’s Stress Relief potion onto your pillow to calm midweek nerves. Alternatively, join the facemasking Instagram army with a red wine sheet mask while you sip on a glass of the same liquid. If you’re the kind of person who takes more pleasure in dedicated ‘me-time’ than a round of drinks at the bar, these indulgent wellness products deserve your attention. 

10 beauty products to help you hygge

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