The beauty products India's top models swear by Advertisement

The beauty products India’s top models swear by

Bonus: They share their secret hacks too

By ELLE team  February 3rd, 2017

Heavy duty make-up and standing for hours in front of harsh lighting can take a toll on anyone’s skin, but you can see no signs of any damage on the skins of these models who are ready to walk the runway at the Lakme Fashion Week this season.

We went backstage at the fashion week to try and figure out the secret behind the flawless skin under layers of make-up and we came back with a whole bunch of beauty products and tips to add to our kits, courtesy some of India’s top models.

Here are the supermodels and their top beauty picks

Kanishtha Dhankar

Removing make-up is paramount when it comes to skin care, as Kanishtha tells us,"I use Bioderma cleanser to remove my make-up." There you go.

Anita Kumar

While Anita knows the power of a good mascara (she uses Maybelline's, FYI), she also knows a handy trick to remove it easily. "Soak some cotton in hot water and use it to remove mascara. It'll come off very quickly."

Surelee Joseph

"Origins Drink-Up Intensive, it's really good because it's parabens-free, I was looking for something that's chemical free, and I had read up on it, when I was travelling in New York I found it. You have to put it on your face in the night and sleep for 8 hours, and you wake up in the morning with completely refreshed skin."

Alice Rosario

Alice Rosario combats the effects of wearing make-up for long hours by using Cetaphil. "It cures dry skin too," she says.

Rachel Bayros

Clearly the importance of taking off make-up properly before going to bed cannot be stressed enough, insists Rachel Bayros who uses Lancôme's make-up remover. "Soak it in cotton buds and place over eyes for 5 minutes. Don't rub just soak." Copy that.